Complete Publications

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Recent Publications

  1. The Gender Gap Between Earnings Distributions, (with Essie Maasoumi),
    Journal of Political Economy Vol 127, no. 5, October 2019, Pages 2438-2504.

  2. Hidden Group Patterns in Democracy Developments: Bayesian Inference for Grouped Heterogeneity (with J. Kim), Journal of Applied Econometrics, Vol 34, Issue 6 September/October 2019, Pages 1016-1028

  3. The Politics of Environmental Enforcement: the Case of the Resource and Conservation Recovery Act (with Per G. Fredriksson), Empirical Economics, Vol 58, 2020

  4. SNAP Participation, Diet Quality, and Obesity: Robust Evidence with Estimation Techniques without External Instrumental Variables (with Susan Chen), forthcoming, Empirical Economics

  5. Higher-order Risk-Returns to Education (with Daniel Henderson and Anne-Charlotte Souto), forthcoming, Journal of Risk Analysis and Management (Special Issue on “Nonparametric Econometric Methods and Application II”)

  6. A Nonparametric Non-classical Measurement Error Approach to Estimating Intergenerational Mobility Elasticities (with Yonghong An and Ruli Xiao), forthcoming, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics

  7. Women’s Potential Earnings Distributions (with Essie Maasoumi), 2022, Advances in Econometrics

  8. Maternity Leave (with Krishna Regmi), 2023 Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics

  9. Geography and the European Marriage Pattern (with Kirsten de Beurs and Kyle Harper), forthcoming, Research in Economic History

  10. Politician’s Childhood Experience and Government Policies: Evidence from the Chinese Great Famine (with Cheng Li and Junsen Zhang), forthcoming, Journal of Comparative Economics

Working Papers


  1. Generalized Intergenerational Mobility Regressions (with Essie Maasoumi and Daiqiang zhang)

  2. Sufficient Statistical Measures of Intergenerational Mobility (with Steven Durlauf and Essie Maasoumi)

  3. Beyond common support: An Iterative Approach to Identification and Estimation of Nonseparable Models with endogeneity (with Jiangang Zeng), under revision, Journal of Business & Economic Statistics

  4. Estimation and Testing in the Presence of an Invalid Instrumental Variable (with Rui Fan)

  5. Partially Linear Varying-Coefficient Fixed Effects Panel Data Models with Sample Selections (with Karen Yan and Shatakshee Dhongde)

Applied Microeconomics

  1. Paid Maternity Leave and Children’s Long-Term Outcomes: Evidence from the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (with Krishna Regmi)

  2. Peer Effects among College Students: Evidence from China (with Yonghong Zhou)

  3. Love Has No Boundaries: Racial Assortative Mating and Intergenerational Mobility (with Dayuan Xie)